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  • January 15, 2020
  • Stop Debt Collectors and Unfair Debt Collection PracticesUnfair Debt: Fight Back Unfair Debt Collection Practices

    In these hard times of economic uncertainty, unstable housing market, and a rise in unemployment, many have fallen in to heavy debt. And this is where the debt collectors start coming in and only makes the person in debt feel more and more trapped.

    Most often than not, collection agencies tend to step over the line and perform unfair debt collection practices, this is when you take a stand and seek professional help to be able to fight unfair debt practices. This battle will require knowledge of your rights and a positive course of action. Situations like these where you are constantly being bombarded with shady debt collection tactics tend to make people feel like there is no way out and that they are helpless. Knowing your rights is one of the first steps to help with unfair debt collection.

    Knowing your rights is a great way of stopping unscrupulous debt collectors from making your life miserable and harassing you day in and day out. It is well within every right of the debt collector to gather contact information about you such as your place of work or current address from references such as family members or co-employees. But however, they are not allowed to continually call people for your contact information unless there is a valid reason to. To sum things up, debt collectors are not allowed to harass your references just to contact you. Also, your right to privacy is protected by the law, a debt collection agency is not allowed to threaten you with any form of public exposure or public humiliation by exposing your debt to the public.

    If you are in need to fight an unfair debt lawsuit and that you are being sued by a collection agency and are need to get help for your debt lawsuit.

    First you have to know the importance of the summons. Some people think it’s wise to contact the agency and ask some questions to clarify things, others just pretend they don’t exist and ignore them until they go away. These are bad ideas to start with. The best course of action is for you to respond, no, this does not mean you are admitting to be guilty of what they are accusing you. They will win by default if you don’t respond. This issue can easily be handled without an attorney. But if you want you can always hire an attorney for assistance with a debt lawsuit just to be sure.