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Ritualist Update

Postby Dreadfox Games » Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:07 pm

  • Difference between a deity's agents and followers specified.
  • 1.5 page spread entitled Concerning Salts added.
  • FAQs consolidated into a 0.5 page spread as many FAQs are now addressed in the Concerning Salts spread.
  • Certain spells now cause salts to float, hover and cling to surfaces.
  • Ritualists may now take levels in cleric so long as they serve a deity from a pantheon they cannot bind.
  • Clerics may no longer gain levels in ritualist unless the deities they learn to bind belong to a different pantheon than the deity they serve.
Months of play and discussion have made it clear that the original iteration could be objectively improved in two ways.

1. Barrier Guidelines.

We deliberately omitted rules on salts and barriers in the first published iteration of the ritualist. Our goal was to provide a vague reference that allowed players to enforce rules by means of their own imagination, tempered by common sense, to avoid conflicts between rules and immersion. However, this approach broke immersion worse than horses' racial bonus to climbing rope. Thus, we were eager to try our hand at a page of "finesse" rules that give players a set of guidelines to be modified by common sense and a general tendency toward lenience. By making players aware of the intent of these rules and providing a soft outline to be adjusted as common sense demands, we hope that this iteration achieves a much more balanced and less stressful approach to player-modified rules. The spread was included as a separate page to draw a clear distinction between what should be readily modified (salts and barriers) and what should be reluctantly modified (core mechanics).

2. Environmental Adaptation.

The ritualist was initially given a few rituals to help him endure unusual environments. We errantly believed that short-term coping methods were sufficient for a class that is supposed to rely on player intelligence to the extreme, including the ability to engage in fights on favorable terms. Unfortunately for ritualist players, certain campaigns make this impossible. The fault lies with the class, not the campaign, and we hope that allowing spells to affect salts will remedy this. If it's possible to play an enchanter in an undead campaign, there is absolutely no excuse for excluding ritualists from aerial / underwater campaigns. By implementing this functionality via spells instead of expensive salts, Craft checks or feats, we reinforce the characteristics that make the ritualist a good support class: He is strongest when the party cooperates, but remains viable and fun even when they don't.

Please note that the change to cleric-ritualist multiclassing is strictly an opportunity to encourage the ritualist's tendency toward ancient or exotic gods. It has nothing to do with balance. Cleric/ritualist is a weak combination and the intent is to promote flavor and immersion, not regulate balance.

We hope that you enjoy this free update and look forward to releasing new rituals, archetypes, feats and traits in October, 2012.

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